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About Mark

A man of many interests and a wellspring of energy, Mark is on a mission to teach people healthy digital habits and help organizations embrace a culture of digital wellbeing.

Mark holds degrees in economics, psychology, technology, and even had a short stint at massage therapy school. He is determined to remind the world that human connection is the most powerful connection we have.

A recipient of Crain’s Detroit Business 20 in their 20s and Oakland County’s 40 under 40 awards, Mark has experienced first hand how technology impacts the mind, body and spirit.

With an expertise in digital wellness and an understanding of millennials through his work at Skidmore Studio, he speaks often on the topic of digital wellbeing and provides resources to become digitally fit. When he isn’t busy transforming Detroit, he likes to write music, binge watch 90s TV shows, and go on walks with his wife and their two children.

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