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Feeling Overwhelmed? Try this simple technique to Turn Down the Noise.

Feeling overwhelmed lately? If you are, you are not alone. Being overwhelmed is a prevalent feeling this Mental Health Awareness Month in both the workplace and at home. Digital Wellness Author and Human Connection Expert Mark Ostach has been overwhelmed with requests by employers to provide mental health programs for their employees in the hybrid […]

Four tips to prevent the winter blues

December 21 Winter Solstice Marks the Shortest Day Of the Year Digital Wellness Expert Offers 4 Tips to Prevent the Winter Blues The Winter Solstice on Tuesday, December 21 is the shortest day of the year and for many, it means the winter blues. Getting less than eight hours of daylight can trigger dark times, both […]

How Being Vulnerable in the Workplace Can Help with Employee Connection

If you Really Knew Me….. How Being Vulnerable Can Inspire  Human Connection in a Hybrid Workplace What started as a simple warm up exercise to encourage co-worker connection during the pandemic is gaining traction on reigniting human connection in a hybrid workplace. Digital Wellness Expert Mark Ostach, keynote speaker and author of “Courage to Connect”, […]

Three Ways to Relate to Humans Again

The Imitation Principle 3 Ways to Relate to Humans Again It’s always been somewhat of a challenge for human beings to relate to each other. The way we see the world.  The make-up of our personalities.  The differences in our opinions.  These things often create a natural distance between us. Unfortunately, this distance has grown over […]

National Day of Unplugging

To Unplug or Not? As Pandemic One Year Mark Approaches  5 Ways to Find a Healthy Balance with Social Media Tomorrow  is National Day of Unplugging As we approach the one year mark of the pandemic, many are exhausted from national fatigue, especially when it comes to our digital health. Friday is National Unplugging Day, […]

Tips to Ease Anxiety for Back to the Office Return

Do you Suffer from Return-phobia? Tips to Ease Anxiety for Back to the Office Return Survey after survey indicates employees working remotely due to the pandemic are hesitant to return back to the office. Digital wellness expert, Mark Ostach said employees may be suffering from what he calls “Return-Phobia”, heightened social anxiety from leaving the […]

Three Ways to Prevent Doom Scrolling

Here We Go Again: Doomsday Scrolling Overwhelmed by Discourse On COVID-19 Masks & Vaccinations  and Afghanistan?   Three Ways to Protect Your Digital Health  Do you have the feeling of “here we go again” with the latest negative news and it is causing you doomsday scroll, leaving you mentally exhausted?  As developments in Afghanistan continue and […]