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Kiss The Kids For Me

Every time I would talk with my father-in-law, he would always speak the same 5 words before we finished our time together: Kiss the kids for me. As he approached the final days of his life last week, those words were uttered each time we visited him. My words below are a dedication to the man that I’m […]

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A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember Two months ago my father nearly died of congestive heart failure. Thankfully, he made a swift recovery and has a new lease on life. This new perspective has brought back an aspect of our friendship that was lost for the past 5 years. This was best expressed last week as we shared […]


Start Today

For the past 3 months my wife has suggested I read the book Girl Stop Apologizing, by Rachel Hollis. After much resistance (for obvious reasons) I finally decided to listen to the first chapter. I’m glad I did. Hollis writes about creating a ‘shame-free’ plan to focus on your dreams and desires without worrying about […]


The Future of Digital Wellness

Ever wonder what our digital life will look like in the year 2034? It includes a generation of young adults called “dippies” aka ‘digital hippies’ that don’t use smartphones. And for those that use smartphone, The Apple 27-Z uses biometrics to lock you out if you’re too stressed. PREDICTIONS FROM THE PAST The cover of TIME […]

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I Needed A Sign

My friend Shawn is extraordinarily creative. His imagination allows him to create just about anything you can think of. Recently, we built a chalkboard sign to hang on my kids wooden playhouse. Proud To Share I came home from Shawn’s excited to show my wife the sign we built and my vision for it. I […]


A Living Legacy

A Living Legacy Exactly one year ago, a dear friend & mentor of mine passed away suddenly. As I shared in a post last year, Tim Smith was nothing shy of an extraordinary man. And yesterday I had the privilege of sharing a meal with his youngest son, Harrison. As I walked into the restaurant, I […]

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Let There Be Light!

Every time I need to cry I call my mom. I’m not sure exactly why, but it works like a charm. Tears of Joy and Sorrow Yesterday my parents and brother joined my family at Christmas service at Kensington Church. As I sat between my mom and my wife I could feel the tears begin […]