In today’s increasingly disconnected culture, how do we stay connected? Below are mostly personal stories on ways to find the courage to connect in life.


Kiss The Kids For Me

Every time I would talk with my father-in-law, he would always speak the same 5 words before we finished our time together: Kiss the kids for me. As he approached the final days of his life last week, those words were uttered each time we…

The Future of Digital Wellness

Ever wonder what our digital life will look like in the year 2034? It includes a generation of young adults called “dippies” aka ‘digital hippies’ that don’t use smartphones. And for those that use smartphone, The Apple 27-Z uses biometrics…

Start Today

For the past 3 months my wife has suggested I read the book Girl Stop Apologizing, by Rachel Hollis. After much resistance (for obvious reasons) I finally decided to listen to the first chapter. I’m glad I did. Hollis writes about creating…
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I Needed A Sign

My friend Shawn is extraordinarily creative. His imagination allows him to create just about anything you can think of. Recently, we built a chalkboard sign to hang on my kids wooden playhouse. Proud To Share I came home from Shawn’s…

A Living Legacy

A Living Legacy Exactly one year ago, a dear friend & mentor of mine passed away suddenly. As I shared in a post last year, Tim Smith was nothing shy of an extraordinary man. And yesterday I had the privilege of sharing a meal with his…
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Let There Be Light!

Every time I need to cry I call my mom. I’m not sure exactly why, but it works like a charm. Tears of Joy and Sorrow Yesterday my parents and brother joined my family at Christmas service at Kensington Church. As I sat between my mom and…
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Digital Wellness is on the Rise

Over 200 people pledged to embrace a culture of digital wellbeing last week in Detroit. This was just one small step towards digital wellness within the workplace! Beyond Detroit, Digital Wellness is on the forefront of many peoples minds. During…
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Feeling Lonely?

Taking care of children may be the hardest job on earth. I’ve had the chance to spend some solo dad time with our kids as my wife headed out for various photoshoots (she’s a gifted photographer). The day would start off with smiles and…
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An Extraordinary Man

There was nothing ordinary about Tim Smith. He was often seen in a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, wearing a flannel paired with nice dress shoes. He idolized Bill Murray (before anyone else did). He owned every Prince album ever produced and rode around…

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