What I Stand For

Below are my Core Values, Beliefs, Mission, and Vision that guide my purpose and daily decisions.

Core Values

Courage – Cultivating a life of courage requires you to work through fear and trust your intuition more. This can feel scary at first, but over time your courage muscle begins to gain strength helping you to create the life you desire to live.

Gratitude – Sharing thanks and praise for all that we have in any season of life hits home to my heart. Sharing positive energy with others helps you to create more to be grateful for.

Vulnerability – Sharing the stories and experiences that make you human are key to building trust with others.

Love – Doing everything in love is an aspiration I intend to evolve towards. I may not get there in this lifetime but I’ll go down trying!

Grace – Life is too short to hold onto thoughts of guilt or shame. The most successful company cultures extend grace to their team, clients, partners, and communities.

Margin – Making time to take care of your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs is critical. If you aren’t able to care for yourself, how do you expect to lead your team, family, or community?


I believe that human connection is the most powerful connection we have.

I believe that our words have power and that we need to respond with this in mind when speaking or writing.

I believe that family & community are critical to the health and prosperity of our society.

I believe we are made up entirely of energy. The way we enter a room, the thoughts we think, the food we eat, all of this impact the energy that we hold and give to others.

I believe that our thoughts create our reality. Creating a vision of the future you want begins with the thoughts and desires of your heart.

I believe we are made in the image of God. Each one of us is uniquely made for a time, reason, and purpose.


My mission is to help people defeat distractions and interruptions in order to become Purposely Connected to their work and the people around them. In today’s connected culture, it’s hard to create healthy boundaries with our Smartphones and devices. Fostering digital wellness, choosing to extend grace in the workplace, and other human centered values can lead to better relationships, more satisfaction at work, and a reduction in burnout. All of which give people more margin for the things that matter most in their life!


My vision is to help encourage people on ways to restore their emotional, physical, and spiritual life in order to have margin for the things that matter most. #Relationships #Health #Purpose #Community 🙂

Let me explain…

Having the desire to connect deeper with yourself and those around you is great. Learning ways to create boundaries with your phone is also great. However, having the capacity AND discipline to do so is an entirely different story.

Unfortunately, our society is struggling from a wide spreading disease that’s preventing us from being able to follow through on the items above.

It’s called marginless living.

In the book Margin, by Dr. Richard Swenson, he paints the picture of what marginless living looks like. As Swenson writes in his book:

“Some people come in with broken legs; others with broken hearts. Some have irritable colons; others, irritable spouse. Some have bleeding ulcers; others, bleeding emotions. And compounding these wounds, many patients show signs of a new disease: marginless living.

How often do I see the effects of marginless living? About every 15 minutes. Into my office on a regular basis comes a steady parade of exhausted, hurting people. The reason these patients come to me, however, is not to discuss their lack of margin. They don’t even know what margin is. Instead the come because of pain. Most don’t realize the pain and the absence of margin are related.”

My vision on how to help people gain margin is through speaking, writing, music, traveling with my family, serving in my community, and spending time with God.


All of what I stand for helps me love and lead my family. The most important part of my lifes’ work!

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