Passionate. Thought-provoking. Amazing!

These are just some of the words that people use to describe Mark’s love for digital wellness.

Create a Culture Of Digital Wellbeing

Watch a full 45 minute keynote presentation in Detroit, Michigan on How to Create a Culture of Digital Wellbeing.

5 Ways To Improve Your Digital Wellbeing

Each audience member has a chance to work on their digital wellbeing through these challenging (and fun) tactics.

  • 1. No digital gadgets at meal time.

  • 2. Sleep device free. Get a real alarm clock!

  • 3. Take a digital fast at least 1 hour a day.

  • 4. Make eye contact when talking.

  • 5. End your digital day 1 hour before bed.

Audience Takeaways

I do not have anxiety anymore when my phone is not on me. It is very refreshing knowing the world won’t end.

Our leadership group is a lot more mindful regarding their phone usage in meetings. We are more engaged and active as team.

My husband and I have both been working on spending time at home together instead of both of us in the same room but on our phones.

I’m getting to sleep faster and relaxing rather than playing games on my phone.

I have been able to do the digital fast for an hour each day. It allows me undivided attention for my family.

We installed a land line phone so that we can more easily disconnect from our personal devices at night.

I don’t like feeling disconnected from the people around me. Mark’s presentation helped me reduce my aimless scrolling and compulsive phone checking.


Mark is a powerful and entertaining speaker.  He’s a terrific addition to any event!

Mark’s workshop on Digital Health was awesome and well worth the investment!

Great presentation!  In fact, one of the best we’ve had.  Very fascinating topic!!

A Leadership Detroit speaker for 5 straight years!  Inspiring, engaging, and always a heart felt message.

Mark teaches us on the importance of taking “tech breaks”.  A great topic for any school!

I had Mark speak at our quarterly staff meeting. His presentation felt like a TEDx. The staff loved it.

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