‘Out Of Office’ Email Template

Feel free to modify the template below to align with your style.


I’ll be recharging with some time away from work and won’t be checking my email while I’m away. I’ll return on date. If you need anything while I’m away, please contact team member name at 555-555-555 or team-member@companyname.com.

Looking forward to coming back refreshed and ready to respond to your email!

Your Name

p.s. Check out the benefits to staying off email while away from work:

Studies show that taking time off from work — and work-related email  — lowers levels of fatigue and job burnout. Employees who come back rested tend to perform better at solving problems and other creative tasks.

Need more proof? Check out what the Washington Post and Harvard Business Review have to say on the benefits of staying off email while on vacation or away from work.

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Audience Takeaways

I do not have anxiety anymore when my phone is not on me. It is very refreshing knowing the world won’t end.

Our leadership group is a lot more mindful regarding their phone usage in meetings. We are more engaged and active as team.

My husband and I have both been working on spending time at home together instead of both of us in the same room but on our phones.

I’m getting to sleep faster and relaxing rather than playing games on my phone.

I have been able to do the digital fast for an hour each day. It allows me undivided attention for my family.

We installed a land line phone so that we can more easily disconnect from our personal devices at night.

I don’t like feeling disconnected from the people around me. Mark’s presentation helped me reduce my aimless scrolling and compulsive phone checking.