So Thankful

This Thanksgiving is a special one for me.  As I sip my morning coffee I reflect on the past few months and find myself in awe at the moments that have transpired. I need to capture this season of change before the fast-paced holidays cloud my gratitude.  If you don’t have time to read this entire post, I can summarize my thankful heart by this picture series:

The loves of my life.
you have more hair than me!
My 1st born son
My 2nd born son

So Thankful For:

  • My wife

    Witnessing Ksenija become a mother.

  • My Son

    Helping to deliver Jobie into this world.

  • My Expanding Heart

    As my family grows so does my capacity to love.

I’ve learned so much about God’s timing and His plans for us (Proverbs 3:5).  As an operations guy, I tend to spell out the next 6 months of my life in my thoughts and on paper.  Occasionally, my plans align with what actually happens.  However, here are a few events that unfolded which were not in my playbook.

I’m thankful for these plans. I’m thankful for having the awareness to realize that I was simply a tiny little piece to these plans.  I’m humbled by the blessing that have poured over my family.

I’ll leave you with a family dinner prayer and a recent song I wrote called ‘Thank You’.  This prayer was a staple to the Ostach family while growing up in the 80’s.

The song below was inspired by this prayer and extended as a reflection of my heart.  BTW, listen for our dog Oliver at the end of the song

(click play and wait a moment before the song kicks in)

May Thanks and Praise be on Your Heart

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