Passionate. Thought-provoking. Amazing!

These are just some of the words that people use to describe Mark’s speaking style.  

Keynote Speaking Programs

Whether virtual or in-person, Mark delivers a high energy message in an authentic & memorable way. His keynotes range from a quick hitting 15 minute message to a full 60 minute keynote. Below are the speaking programs he offers. 

Create a Culture of Digital Wellbeing

Fostering digital wellness can lead to better relationships, more satisfaction at work, and a reduction in employee burnout. In Mark’s uplifting talk, he’ll explore how our devices impact the mind, body, & spirit and provide techniques to improve the digital wellbeing of your organization.

Key Takeaways 

  • Create healthy digital habits at work and home
  • Learn how to reduce distractions to improve creativity and productivity within the workplace
  • Reduce burnout through stress reduction techniques and help increase productivity
  • Discover additional resources for your organization to become digitally fit

Courage To Connect

Many of us are learning, living, and leading from home. This can create a sense of disconnection and isolation. Demonstrating empathy for the changes we are all going through and understanding ways to restore energy and team member interaction are critical – especially when working from home. In Mark’s virtual keynote, he will provide ways to reignite human connection leaving you filled with a newfound courage to connect.

Key Takeaways 

  • Learn how to combat video meeting fatigue
  • Find ways to create quicker and more meaningful connections online
  • Discover how to build your virtual confidence muscle 
  • Improve your digital & emotional wellness
  • Be in community & have a little fun!

Embracing Change & Staying Positive

Change can have a major impact on the culture of an organization. Demonstrating empathy for the changes your team is going through and providing them with ways to cultivate a positive mindset is critical to embracing change. In Mark’s message, he will provide ways for your organization to ‘Stay Above the Line’ as you navigate change within the workplace.

Key Takeaways 

  • Create a positive mindset in the morning before the workday begins
  • Discover a new framework to release stress & emotions
  • Learn new ways to build trust within your team
  • Understand a simple communication framework to begin using at work immediately

Digital Wellness for College Students

College students are craving ways they can create boundaries with Smartphones and social media. Understanding how to create a culture of digital wellness is a great way to reduce stress on your campus. Taking time to see how Smartphones and screen time impact the emotion and mood of your student body can have a major impact on the health of your college or university.

Key Takeaways 

  • Create healthy digital habits at school and home
  • Establish boundaries with social media & gaming
  • Understand what it means to be a digital citizen at school and home
  • Discover other ways to stay digitally fit to improve mental & emotional health

The Art of Listening

A truly inclusive workplace is about listening, understanding and responding to the lived experiences of the people it directly impacts. Too often now, the conversation on myriad of issues is polarized, with sides pitted against one another and little effort to listen and learn from each other. Mark will show us why listening is a critical step to creating a sense of belonging within the workplace while supporting a diverse culture.

Key Takeaways 
• Experience the Art of Listening
• Discover the 5 Steps of Active Listening
• Learn the difference of Responding & Reacting
• Be in Community & Have a little fun!

Mark is a powerful and entertaining speaker.  He’s a terrific addition to any event!

Mark’s program on Digital Wellness was awesome and well worth the investment!

Great message!  In fact, one of the best we’ve had.  Very fascinating topic!!

We’ve brought Mark out to our program orientation 4 years in a row. He’s inspiring, engaging, and always leads with a heart felt message.

I had Mark speak at our quarterly staff meeting. His presentation felt like a TEDx. The staff loved it.

Interested in having Mark speak at your next event?