A sought after speaker on the Psychology of Technology, Mark teaches you how to defeat distractions so you can connect with purpose.  Mark’s message will leave you feeling inspired and ready to shift your digital habits in order to become more digitally fit.

Why Digital Health?

In today’s connected culture our warm blooded connections are being jeopardized by our cold blooded devices. Human connection is the most powerful connection we have. Becoming mindful of your digital health is a great way to recharge your mind, body, and spirit. This can empower you to regain control of your life and spend more energy on areas most important to you.

Cold Blooded Devices

Warm Blooded Connections

Digital Health

Take the Cell Phone Pledge!

The Cell Phone Pledge transcript: I promise, not to let my cell phone get in the way of making true connections and meaningful relationships.  I solemnly swear that my digital device will not consume my ability to become the best of who I am. Amen!

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