A sought after speaker on the Psychology of Technology, Mark teaches you how to defeat distractions so you can connect with purpose.

Sick of constantly checking your phone? Find yourself scrolling through Facebook only to see disturbing images and tragic news? Tried to enjoy a dinner with friends who stared at their screens the whole time?

Then you’ve probably experienced bursts of what Mark calls “i-Drenaline”—the 21st century neurotoxin that’s robbing us of the peace, joy and meaningful connections we all crave.

In Mark’s uplifting talk, he’ll explore how your devices impact your mind, body, & spirit and offer ways to improve your digital wellbeing.


Every morning your mind is like a thirsty sponge wondering what you will quench it with.  Facebook? Email? Snap Chat? Porn?

Find out how to break the impulse of constant checking and aimless scrolling. Regain control of your mind.


People like to say “sitting is the new smoking’. I like to think that “scrolling is the new smoking”.

Discover how to give your body a break from you cell phone and stay physically fit.


Your spirit is made up of your mind, the thoughts within it, and your will power. How does what you do online impact your spirit?

Learn how to find margin in today’s digital invasion in order to devote time towards your life’s purpose.

Clips from Mark’s Keynote

Spoken word.  Audience Games. Pledging not to let your cell phone impact your life’s purpose 🙂  These are all tastes of what you can expect as Mark makes you stop-to-think (and laugh) about your relationship with your device.

What People Are Saying

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